The 5 am club

Book summary of The 5 am club - Robin Sharma

The 5 am club

How to wake up early in the morning every day and feel the pleasure moment of peace and loneliness.

How the true and successful people every day make themself more powerful in every area of their life whereas others are spending their whole day for sleeping, listening to the news, social media activities and many more.

While in the morning we are struggling to wake up and keep playing with the snooze alarm button, at that time world’s most successful people already start their work.

They wake up 2 to 3 hours earlier than normal people and they work on their latent that is why they are always far ahead from us because of their morning routine.

We all have a different level of talent and potential but the problem is we don’t know how to work on or how to take that potential to the next level.

How business leader, sports star and political leader etc. follow the rule to make themselves world-class, 

Do you want to join the 5 am club?

Definitely YES! then let's get started.

I have collected some best points from the 5 am club book which are as follows,

1. The 5 am club 20/20/20 formula

Early in the morning, our brain is in very sharp, active and fresh condition. So, that is the best time to programmed your mind.

After waking up early in the morning 1 hour is very important and Robin Sharma says that is “victory hour” 

Within those 60 minutes, we have to divide every 20 minutes for 3 works so that, these 3 works keeps you whole day energetic.

First 20 minutes, we have to do deep breathing and exercise and this is the major task of the 5 am club. We must start our morning by doing some exercises. Due to the exercise flow of dopamine and serotonin are going to increase. Our overall metabolism level increase and our brain level will work on its optimum level by focusing all day.

This 20 min also help your immune system to be strong so that you will be always healthy and a chance of getting sick will be decreased.

In the second 20 minutes to reflect we can do 4 tasks which are meditation, pray, planning, and journaling. These tasks make you all day positive, make you feel awareness and help your brain grow.

You can do any one of these tasks so that they keep your performance level at a high level.

In the last 20 minutes, we have to invest upon us to grow ourselves. We can do lots of things such as reading books, analysis our goals, listening to audiobooks, etc. where we can learn something so that it supports your goal to achieve.

Start practising this “victory hour” from the 5 am club book.

2. Freedom from distraction

Let’s talk about these modern world distractions which are technology, internet, phone etc. if you are using technology to grow your personnel life or your business you are doing an absolutely fantastic job.

But, people who are spending time on Facebook, Instagram, game and funny videos, they are getting more distraction and they are unable to think what they are doing why?

Do not become technologies slave, become a master or boss of technologies and use wisely. You must avoid distraction to join “the 5 am club”

3. Success formula

If you stay aware you will get a better result. Your better awareness changes the perspective of things that you think and your mind starts work openly.

Your choices are also becoming better so that you can manage your priorities.

It means better awareness leads to better choices and better choices lead to better results.

4. Four interior Empires

The first is the mindset, how we see the world. We have to learn and train our mind how to become a consistent, discipline and more productive.

Second is heart set, which is related to emotions. We have to learn and train how to control emotions like, angry and happy. So, if you can not control yourself you can’t move forward.

The third is health set, “health is wealth” without your good health everything is not possible. So, start to live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthily and do exercises.

Forth is soul set, learn how to become calm, it is spirituality, so you can practice meditation to understand and feel spirituality.

5. The habit installation protocol

According to “the 5 am club” book it takes minimum 66 days to become an automatic habit.

First 22 days to take out our old habit which is most disturbing and feel like useless work that you have started.

Second 22 days to install new habits parts and last 22 days that work become a habit by interacting with the subconscious mind.

At the start phase, any kind of changes is hard, the mess in the middle and gorgeous at the end” by Robin Sharma

If you start waking up early morning at 5 am to join the 5 am club, in the beginning, it is going to be hard but you have to keep continuing.

Muhammad Ali hated every minute of training, but he said “Don’t quit, suffer now and lives the rest of your life as a champion”

6. Good sleep

Sleeping is the best way or secret become more productivity. This is the time to recover your body and growth happen in the recovery phase. 

The real growth happens is in rest period of time, and it is good overnight sleep.

To have good sleep maintain consistency of sleeping time and do not touch any devices prior to 1 hour before bedtime.

Bullets points from the 5 am club book

  • The 5 am club help you to build your strong morning routine, make time for self-improvement and find a way to success.
  • "5 am is the time of least distraction, highest human glory, and greatest peace" - Robin Sharma.
  • If you want to be like at the top of 5%, then stop acting like 95%.

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