15 Best books on leadership and management

Why the best books on Leadership and management?

15 Best books on leadership and management

"Not all the readers are leaders, but all the leaders are readers" - Harry Truman

Leadership and management books provide you with a guide to maximize efficiency and produce a positive impact to achieve organizational goals.

Some of the best books on leadership and management are written by internationally leading experts and teachers. They have spent over a decade to produce these kinds of books. They have shared their time tested leadership strategies, experience and knowledge to make a better leader in a new generation.

Top 15 best books on leadership and management?

Leaders are not born, they are been made and it is not a destination, it is a learning and improvement process.

To support your dream to become one of the great and influenced leaders, we have done mass research and listed the 15 best books on leadership and management. These books are recommended by over thousands of readers around the world so that you can pick the right one.

1. Leadershift - John C. Maxwell

The 11 essential changes every leader must embrace by John C. Maxwell.

John C. Maxwell is an internationally recognised leadership expert, in this fast-growing world, he teaches readers how to shift leadership to keep improving and influencing others. So today’s world leaders need more information, ability and quality than others. They need to stay agile and willing to adopt change.

Leadershift is relevant to the new generation leaders. Many leaders most of the time think about themself, but true leaders help others to shine and shift from me to us. True leaders use the full potential of the team and achieve the goal.

The author quotes “creating is the joy of not knowing all of the answers but of knowing the answers are out there”

2. The Ride of a Lifetime -Rober Iger, Joel Lovell

Lessons learned from 15 years as CEO of the Walt Disney company.

True authority and true leadership come from knowing who you are and not pretending to be anything else.

This book is an autobiographical victory and he set leadership lessons with the focus of the book being his work at Disney. The most attractive part of this book is how he managed to acquire Marvel Entertainment, Pixar, Lucas Film and Fox that made up the modern Disney

He has an amazing and incredible career and became CEO of Disney for 15 years. He has shared everything from his first job as studio supervisor and how he built Disney as a Giant company when there were intense competition and technology was changing faster than at anything in the companies history.

This is arguably the best books on leadership and management that everyone should read once in a life.

3. Developing the Leader within you 2.0 - John C. Maxwell

This book is the updated version on the 25th anniversary of developing the leaders within you.

According to the authors’ leaders are not born, your title, seniority and experience won’t make you a leader. To become a leader requires a lot of work including a path of self-awareness, selflessness and dedication to growth.

To become a leader is not a destination, it is a path, a process that every leader should be always open to learn and listen. 

He has explained differences between bosses and leaders who have positional authority leaders are not leaders.

This is one of the top seller, best books on Leadership and management. He offers the best idea we can keep working to maintain the other level that you’ve achieved and to become a true leader.

4. Ego is The Enemy - Ryan Holiday 

In our life, we keep repeating 3 stages of life that aspire, failure and success. Aspire is the starting phase that you are going to achieve your goal and success is your fulfilled dream. Another stage is failure that you are unable to reach from your aspire stage to success.

In this whole process, one behaviour or character that always is with us that is ego, and that ego is our greatest enemy. 

If you look at the world-famous people who achieved the pinnacle of their career they are confident not an egoist. Confidence without humility brings arrogance.

So the author of the book Ryan Holiday has revealed some techniques to control the ego in his book.

5. Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman

If we talk about intelligence, most of the time we focus on intellectual intelligence which is known as IQ.  We think to become a great leader or best business manager we need a high grade on IQ. But, in reality, to become a success in actual life IQ plays only 20% role and emotional intelligence plays 80% role.

Research has proven that most of the successful leaders and managers had average or low IQ, but EQ was good. People with low EQ have many problems in every field such as relationships, happiness, bank balance etc.

So, we humans are emotional creatures and we make decisions based on emotional influence. A person who understands his/her emotion and understands other emotions, and knows how to handle them can achieve everything in life.

So here is good news that we can improve our emotional intelligence by learning and practicing. This is the best books on leadership and management, that will guide you to become a better person.

6. The Making of a Manager - Julie Zhuo

“Remember our definition of management? A manager’s job is to get better outcomes from a group of people working together through influencing purpose, people and process”

This book is for a new manager with a piece of accessible, conversational and practical advice you can immediately prepare on your baby step management career.

The author of this book Julie knows great managers are made and they are not born. If you read this book then you care enough to be a great manager.

Whether you are looking to be promoted or new to the job this book could be the handbook for you.

7. Drive - Daniel Pink

A teacher was motivating his/her student to get a high grade to get incentives and warning to stay back in the same class if someone fails. The reward and incentives idea motivates students for a while, and they are disengaged and unmotivated to learn.

So what should we do here is the solution book called Drive by Daniel Pink. In this book, the author has revealed shocking statements by doing dozens of research.

A person who is focusing primarily on money ends up killing their original passion and soon they hate what whey has a fund of doing. Incentive and rewards killing the willingness of learning.

Human beings have an innate inner drive to be autonomous, self-determined and connect to one another, and when that drive is liberated, people achieve more and live richer lives.

8. Leadership is an Art - Max Depree

The author has revealed the secrets that every leader and manager of the company should do.

He has added his many experiences and covered various leadership topics in a very concise manner such as communication, engagement and storytelling.

Importance of building relationships, initiating ideas and creating value in the organisation is the key focusing area by the author.

This book offers proven strategies for achieving success by developing the best spirit within the organization.

“Only a group of people who share a body of knowledge and continually learn together can stay vital and variable.”

9. Good to Great - Jim Collins 

Why do some companies make the leap, and others don’t?

This is the best management book by Jim Collins. In this book, the author has Described how companies transition from being a good company to great.

Jim and his team spent 10 and half years on eleven publicly traded companies they went from good to great. From this company, Jim and his team discovered the three major areas that every company has mastered.

You can have these 3 areas as a 3 mental model to use a valuable company you are investing in, a company you are working for or a company you want to transition to the next level.

10. The 5 Level of Leadership - John C Maxwell

The author of this book John C Maxwell is a leadership expert, speaker and minister who has sold more than 20 million copies of his books.

Leadership is not a position that you can hold, it is a journey and process. If you are working on the position of manager doesn’t mean that makes you a leader.

As a leader where is your position right now and how can you get to the next level?

In this book, the author has explained all the 5 levels of leadership and this is the arguably best leadership development book I have read so far. These books offer a roadmap as a great leader where do you want to be and where do you want to take your level.

You might get more on detailed knowledge about these 5 levels of leadership, they are as follows;

  1. Position
  2. Permission
  3. Production
  4. People Development
  5. Pinnacle

11. The one minute manager - Kenneth Blanchard

This book is for those who want to learn about management and want to do anything effectively within a short period of time.

The one minute manager book has sold over 13 million copies and is published in 37 languages. This book has changed millions of lives in terms of management techniques and business management.

This is a powerful book to the new generation with very easy to read a story, they teach readers three very practical secrets about leading others. These techniques are continually working. 

“People who feel good about themselves produce good results”

12. The Leadership challenge - James Kouzes, Barry Posner 

How to keep getting extraordinary things done in organizations.

This book is updated and revised for a new generation of leaders living in a global environment. I have found this book is the best source of becoming a better leader.

In this book, you will learn the fundamentals of leadership to improve the performance of the team with consistency, to strengthen your ability and uplift your spirits along with others. 

“Leading by example is more effective them leading by the command”

13. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - John C Maxwell

Follow them and people will follow you.

If you want to contribute a positive effect to this world, then it is possible with one thing and that is leadership ability.

The author of this book John C. Maxwell was featured once in the no 1 leadership and management expert in the world by INC magazine. 

He has shared his time tasted 21 leadership principle on the 21 Irrefutable Laws of the Leadership book.

14. Life Leverage - Rob Moore

best books on leadership and management
The author of this book Rob Moore is property investor, businessman, entrepreneur, best selling author, world record holder and speaker.

This book will teach you about how you can get more done in less time.

Life Leverage means taking control of your leadership and management career life. With balancing your work and free time so that you can produce high-quality value.

15. Act like a Leader, Think like a Leader - Herminia Ibarra

In this book, the author has offered very practical advice with a positive impact at all level of position, how the manager and executors develop leadership to increase the impact of the organisation.

This book main target is to make a great leader by focusing on the right process. This book offers many strategic action plan along with supporting to become a better leader.

Which are the best books on leadership and management?

These all 15 books provide the same value that you are looking from the best books on leadership and management. We have gathered highly recommended books if you are still confused then read reviews first. It might help you to clear your confusion with the right decision.

Keep learning and stay motivated, if you think these books are helpful or there should be more on the list then share on your group and give a feedback to us so that everyone can learn something from you.

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